Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to join the retreat?

First, let us know which schedule you like to participate by going to our events page in our facebook page: ayahuascaceremonyphilippines. Please answer the question: What is your intent in taking ayahuasca? and fillout the simple questionnaire here so we can assess your health condition. Once we confirm you are fit to join, then we will ask the image of deposit slip to be sent via email or a message in our facebook page: ayahuascaceremonyphilippines.

How should I prepare before the ceremony?

Safety is our number one priority. We make sure that your material container and soul are safe from possible harm.
Here is How to Prepare for the Retreat:

Pray and Meditate – Spend time and set aside time to meditate on your intention. Ask God for guidance for your prayers.

Commit – Pray for strength and follow the suggested diet so you will have the most profound experience during the ceremony.
Act – Start eating smaller portions a few days before the ceremony. Avoid food high in sugar and fat. Plan to limit physical and social activities for the week of the meditation.


  • It is important also that 5 days before the ceremony, you have to take good care of your diet.
  • Diet is not only about what you eat and drink. It means watch out what you eat, watch out what drink , say and think.
  • Please avoid to eat meat, it is good to eat vegetable and fruits. And some fish is okay. Because if you eat meat , the spirit of the meat could manifest on your journey during the ceremony. It is best to only eat one fruit or vegetable one month or at least a week prior the retreat. We suggest eating only boiled sweet potatoes (kamote) and coconut. This way, your body is cleansed and prepared for the retreat.
  • Cheese, milk, any alcoholic drinks are not advisable to eat. 5 to 3 days before the ceremony it is not encouraged to have sex or ejaculation. So your full spiritual energy is strong.
Where can I find the schedules for the retreat?

You may visit the events section of our facebook page here: ayahuascaceremonyphilippines

Do you also hold private retreats/ceremonies?

Yes we do. It may be done in our center or if there is another venue, the participant will shoulder the cost of the venue, food and our transportation. If it is for a single person, the cost is 3x the regular retreat price.

What items should I bring?

Depending on the venue, best to bring mosquito repellant, water tumbler, small pillow and a sleeping mat for the ceremony.

Do I need to bring food?

We will be serving light meals so no need to bring food. Please inform us of any food allergy if there is any.

What do I wear during the retreat?

Best to wear white and light tops/ and pants during the ceremony. The venue is mostly in nature so wearing slippers is ideal.

I have a question that's not listed here, where do I ask?

You may reach us here or via our facebook page: ayahuascaceremonyphilippines