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Ayahuasca is a powerful jungle medicine and teacher plant that brings deep multi-level level healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is serious work that should not be entered into lightly – It certainly is not for recreation or amusement

The process requires courage, commitment, trust and surrender to receive the deepest healing. Trusting the medicine and surrendering to whatever it brings during ceremony, is how we get the most benefit from Ayahuasca. Allow it to do whatever it wants during ceremony. Since this is a deep detox and cleansing of body, mind and soul, the person may experience purging, vomiting, bowel movements as a way to release the toxins in the body.

Working with Ayahuasca also involves adherence to a special diet which prepares your body, mind and spirit to incorporate the healing energy of the brew.

Spiritual Retreat

Body, Mind  & Soul Detoxification

To get the most from your time with Ayahuasca please abstain from the following foods both before and after your retreats:

  • It is important also that 5 day before the ceremony, you have to take good care of your diet.
  • Diet is not only about what you eat and drink, diet means watch out what you eat, watch out what you drink Watch out what you say and watch out what you think.
  • Please avoid to eat meat, it is good to eat vegetable and fruits. And some fish is okay. Because if you eat meat , the spirit of the meat could manifest on your journey during the ceremony.
  • Cheese, milk, any alcoholic drinks is not advisable to eat and drink as well. 5 to 3 days before the ceremony is advisable also not to have sex or ejaculation. So your full spiritual energy is strong.

Benefits of Fresh Organically Sourced Ayahuasca Brew

Re-connect your soul and soul integration into the body.   Let go of fears and negative programming.  Heal physically and disseases.  Release past ·   Freedom and peace of mind ·   Deep heart opening ·  

Rebirth:  Reset your mind, spirit and body ·   Physically reset your brain’s receptor sites to a pre-addictive state ·   Rewire and brain plasticity similar to fetal development ·   Discover your life’s purpose ·   Control your thoughts ·   Improve relationships ·   Deep organic cleansing/ detoxing ·   Pinea gland detox ·   Third eye activation ·  

Develop better coping skills ·   Gain self- love ·   Matrix removal ·   Relieve pain ·   Eliminate stress ·   Find truthful answers ·   Release negative thoughts and voices in your head ·   Clear blockages ·   Be present and connect/ communicate to other spirits ·  

Mental clarity and insights many months after a single dose ·   Confidence and will power ·   Discover God Within.

Treatment For

Mental/ Emotional/ Spiritual blocks ·         Chronic Fatigue ·         Drug Addiction ·         Heroin addiction ·         Nicotine/ Marijuana Addiction ·         Alcohol addiction ·         Pain pill addiction ·         Psychological/ behaviour addiction ·         Emotional/ Love Addiction ·         Food/ Sugar Addiction ·         Ancestral discordance and negative karma ·         Stress ·         Depression ·         Postpartum depression ·         ADHD ·         PTSP ·         Body Toxicity ·         SSRI/ Anti-depressant addiction ·         Infertility ·         Heartbreak ·         Weight Loss Resistance ·         Endometriosis ·         Candida/Parasites ·         Derealization/ Depersonalization ·         Hepatitis ·         Hormonal Imbalance ·         Society Anxiety/ Phobia ·         HPV/ Herpes ·         Sexual disfunction/ complexities ·         Anxiety disorders ·         OCD ·         Panic Disorder




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