The real Sacred Blue Lotus Ceremony The shamanic preparation and use of the Blue Lotus is meant to induce higher levels of consciousness, vivid visions, spiritual growth and elation, strong activation of the Divine Sexual energy. The shamans were intermediaries between the common folks and the unseen world of spirits. The shamans, or medicine men, of East Asia and Egypt use the Sacred Blue Lotus to achieve the Buddha bliss state and receive teaching from the highest Divine Dieties.

This real brew of the Sacred flower Blue Lotus is direct teaching from the higher vibration, from the Great Gods and Goddess or Supreme inteligent being from the other dimension.  It entails a journey to the library of the God’s Wisdom. It may lead you to the other realm, such as read the book of God Thoth of Egypt and other divine wisdom. This may lead you to learn how to transform to be the best version of yourself and apply practical teachings in daily life. No words can define how wonderful and transformative the experience can be.

This Divine Experience is one of the most profound journeys you will ever have in your lifetime.